Мир любви, свободы и счастья


Я люблю путешествовать, знакомиться с интересными людьми и чувствовать новые эмоции.

My name is Alexander. I was born in Russia at 28th of november 1986. Now I live in Barcelona, enjoy my life and make people happy by my friendly company, nice talks and unbelievable massages. But before that I had another very rich history and sated life.

I always strive to get a new experience to do that I have never did before. I go around the world, choosing those things, objects and events that responds to me, about which I can say: «That’s me». During my life I have tried many different professions and businesses, but at a certain moment I’ve realized: whoever I was, the main reward for me and the meaning of life is to make people happy. And currently I want to share it with you.

I’ve visited many countries, learning the culture and customs of people around the world. I’m interested in world. I’m interested in people. I’m interested in life. I studied happiness professionally, trying to bring it to recipe. I lived in luxury and poverty, was a good man and a villain, a gentlemen and a bully, an athlete and an alcoholic, trying to understand a life and to find my place in it. But whoever I was, with whom I’ve ever communicate: policeman or thief, nun or prostitute, rich or poor, usually neither of them weren’t really a happy person. I set about trying to bring a universal recipe for everyone, but over time I’ve realized that happiness for everybody is their own personal. Someone wants to live on the coast, someone at the mountains, someone at the city, and someone at the village. There is neither bad nor good, neither dark nor light. All definitions and concepts are destroyed in the eyes of truth, your own truth, the only one real happiness of being yourself. Not faked, but real, and together we’re going to this difficult but achievable goal.

I live in Barcelona for many years, know all important places in the city and continue to open new ones. Sagrada Familia, Parg Güell, Plaza Catalunya, Montjuic, Gothic Quarter, Tibidabo Mountain, numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques, shopping centers… everyone here will find an entertainment to their liking. Barcelona is a city of endless discoveries. And how many interesting towns, parks and beautiful places are located around? If you’ve come here for vacation — I’ll show you all that I know and even more :) If you live here — so, we’ll find a lot of interesting things to do :) The service that I offer to you on this page is beyond the scope of the usual views. It can’t be described in one word. I can say just if you want to find a good friend in Barcelona to do together whatever you like, relax and enjoy each other’s company — write to me and we’ll talk about any topics that you’re interesting in. Read this page further and you’ll discover a lot of fantastic things.


Рождённый с любовью и заботой, это мой прекрасный шедевр блаженства.

Я эксперт во всех типах массажей. Я делаю их в течение всей моей жизни, живя в России, Тайланде, США, Бали и других странах, изучая их культуры. Если вы хотите избавиться от депрессии, пережить новые эмоции и просто отлично провести время в приятной кампании — это лучший способ. Ищите хороший качественный массаж в Барселоне? Чтож, ниже вы найдёте ответы на все возможные вопросы об этом. Я делаю релакс массаж, тантрический, классический, а так же мануальную терапию и остеопатию. Пролистайте страницу дальше и вы узнаете больше а том что есть в моём арсенале, чтобы сделать вас счастливыми и о том как мы можем провести время вместе в Барселоне.


All my massages are the expression of love, and only with a such feeling I touch you. My massage technique involves a combination of classical, relaxing, Thai and Tantric massages. It helps you develop sexuality, increase sensitivity, diversify the life, change the perception of pleasure, get rid of complexes and fears, enhance your confidence, feel desired and unique, light and free, and of course get the incredible pleasure.


Age, appearance, physique and any other characteristics and parameters have no value. I work with young modest girls and emancipated mature women. The only one condition: for good outcome you should have a positive mental attitude as myself and aim not only for physical stimulation but kind of the joint sensual spiritual practice.


I can invite you to my apartment with a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, located at Esquerra de l’Eixample, a good area of Barcelona, but also I work outcall everywhere you want. I can go to your hotel room / to the beach / apartments / or any location you want. My outcall massage at your hotel room is the right choice for you to get the utmost discretion and comfort. Enjoy a massage with the maximum possible confidence.
My hotel massages have extensive options that ranges from relaxing massage to extremely erotic massages. You can also ask for classical or medical massage with manual therapy.


Every massage is individual and unique depending of your goals and desires. Just write me and we’ll discuss your wishes and our individual screenplay. I will offer you a wide variety of options. Don’t be shy and feel free to have a nice talks :)


You can rightfully do whatever you want. Don’t be shy. We need to interact, communicate and trust each other.

I will teach you the real senses which are extremely healthful: you’ll enjoy life as a little child, will not be bitchy and nervous, stop complaining about life and be discontented. You’ll truly born again, and all negative energy will transformed into infinite pleasure.



I never sold and will never sell any sexual services. I don’t have menu for sexual services or hidden pages at website showing the sexual services. I’m completely legal and transparent. I don’t ask additional fee for «something extra» and don’t offer hidden options trying get around the law. I’m not engaged in prostitution and doesn’t sell services that type. This is exactly that allows me to provide the highest quality services, transparent, legitimate and absolutely safe for you.

All that may or may not happen between us is a matter of personal choice and preferences of two full age persons respecting each other.


Мои секретные навыки. Секретные, но очень простые.

Не могу сказать, что я большой эксперт человеческого счастья, и если кто-то вам скажет это — он солжёт. Но я прошёл долгий и непростой путь и знаю как осуществить ваши мечты. Посмотрите на эти фотографии, полные восторга. Если вы хотите испытать такие же ощущения — просто отправьте мне сообщение в WhatsApp в любое удобное.


Наша основная задача — наслаждаться кампанией друг друга.

Барселона — отличный город чтобы просто быть счастливыми, и ниже вы увидите несколько из миллионов вещей, которыми мы можем заняться вместе.


Посещать классные места

Пить вино


Провожать закаты

Встречать рассветы

Смотреть в глаза

Держаться за руки


Есть вкусную еду

Кататься на велосипеде

И на машине, конечно

Гулять вдоль берега


Хулиганить немножко

Делать то, что раньше не делали

. . . и ещё, ещё и ещё . . .


Да, вы не мои клиенты. Вы мои друзья.

Anastasia ‘39. London, UK.

Alexander, I want to tell you that it’s the space!!! Since our meeting I’he started to have the other look for lots of things… I don’t know what happened, but you’ve rescued me from many stereotypes and complexes inside me … It’s so cool! This ease!!! Everything was really amazing … I love it all! I thought I could’n relax because I don’t know you, but you’re a real professional)))

Charlotte, ’46. New York, USA.

Alex, you really took me a star from the sky) Again feel myself like a little girl! It’s unforgettable! I wanted to meet with a good and nice man just to relax in Barcelona in a good company, not wasting my time for silly searching of failed Knights. You gave me all everything that I wanted and even more! I’m delighted! Thank you for new wings)))

Gabriela ’28. Barcelona, Spain.

Alexander, do you even know how was I shy and afraid?))) But really wanted to…))) Oh my God, now I’m the happiest in the Universe!))

Jasmine, ’43. Brussels, Belgium.

It was one of my most exciting adventures) Thanks for letting make a row))) Myself I’ve never decided on this)

Sofia ’27. Paris, France.

You’re talking so nice))) Your voice … accent… OMG) Thank you for the best tour of my life, and the same unforgettable night!!!

Polina ’25. Moscow, Russia.

If not you I would definitely got lost in Barcelona! All I knew was these hackneyed tourist routes around the Gothiс Quarter. Thanks for showing new beautiful places I couldn’t even think about! Will never forget the sunset at the mountains) and a photoshoot on the roofs) You are divine! Hug you and look forward for new unforgettable meeting) :-***

Samantha, ’35. Chicago, USA.

If not you this business day might end with the funeral))) Coworkers course shocked by the fact that I have such a beautiful man))) Oh this jealousy))) You just saved me, honey!)

Grace, ’30. Melbourne, Australia.

I wish to thank you! I have new thoughts in my head. Want to change everything! All fell into its places by a mysterious way! Although you didn’t say nothing special, but for some reason now I know what to do! Impressive at all! And… I like it sooo… :)


Есть какие-то стереотипы на этот счёт? Пфф… Даже не говорите мне об этом :)

  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Ordinary men may be hot, but too selfish. My task — fully satisfy you (within reason of course). I respect you and your time. Nobody «makes» each other’s head, roles are distributed and everyone knows what they wants.


  • You don’t need to pretend. When you get bored with the ordinary man — you forced to pretend that all is well and waste your time for the sake of a dubious pleasure. I always take you who you are. My task — to reveal your natural beauty.


  • Traditional dating can be debilitating. Establishing new relationships takes time and efforts and it’s extremely exhausting. And all for what? If you want to be emotionally healthy, invest your time effectively, build thriving career and just be healthy physically and mentally — meeting with me would be the best solution.


  • Adventures for one night with the ordinary man is not always as beautiful as you would expect. I always know how to give you the maximum pleasure and make you happy.


  • Sometimes a woman just wants to have fun without any commitment and «making the brain». Ordinary men can stick to you with courtship and promises that you don’t want to listen. With me such problems will never arise.


  • Guarantee of security and confidentiality. And this can not be expected from dubious strangers. I have no criminal record, no mental issues and no sexually transmitted diseases, no drug, no alcohol and other addictions. Relax on this matter. You will communicate with a proven clean person.


Они такие приятные, как никогда раньше

€ _ _ _ ЗА ЧАС

My service is very delicate and personal. That’s why we’ll just speak about your desires, discus how much it could be cost and let your fantasy do whatever it likes. I provide luxury service with 100% guarantee of satisfaction. I speak three languages, know culture as well, have two higher educations and just a nice pleasant mannerly man with whom you’ll always feel yourself comfortable. We’ll do everything that we want in the frames of respect for each other. Our main goal is just to enjoy each other’s company and I’ll do my best for it. I relate to pricing process quite simple. I give a quality companionship, it can be €100 or 100 times more, but the quality doesn’t improve or worsens. Exchange rates are changing as well as the world around. The only one constant currency in the world at all times is still remaining The Conscience. And here I’m trying to use this principle together with you. If you consider that I have given you much more than some basic money, then just give me as much as you see fit. I don’t want to inflate the illusion of prestige by adding zeros to my fees, as well as don’t want to lower the price below the acceptable. I just want to get decent compensation for all the energy that I’ve invested in you, to balanced the scales of our energy exchange without cheating from any side. I open for any ideas and discussions. I display the certain initial price which is quite satisfied me, but leave for you the opportunity to balance the “scales of energy exchange”. Humans call it «tips» :) Well, just let me know how you wish to spend a time together, relax and enjoy the pleasant company.


Что насчёт вас? Хотите провести чудесное время вместе?

+34 632 825 895

Отлично! Просто отправьте мне сообщение в WhatsApp! Это мой международный номер.  Чувствуйте себя свободно, чтобы написать мне или позвонить. Я всегда готов к приятным разговорам и отличным встречам.


Add me right now to keep in touch, share likes, comments and just have fun!



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 +34 632 825 895

Just drop me WhatsApp message! It’s my international phone number. Feel free to write or call. I’m available worldwide and always in touch to have nice talks and great meetings.

See you :)