Вебинар “Человек будущего”

sandro escobar

My real work is hidden behind the words and actions. I’m a shade superhero of your life, secretly opening ghost doors of your opportunities about which you didn’t even know.

I lead you to the new, higher, deeper, and more voluminous levels. These changes sometimes are so radical that you have to accept a completely new essence of everything. You have to become a different person. And you’re scared.

But you can relax and calmly continue to scare until you get bored, because for me it doesn’t matter who you are – strong or weak, smart or stupid, happy or not. I’m with you not for one of these reasons. If you’re weak – I feel good. If you’re strong- I feel good as well. Because it’s not you who makes me happy. I originally feel myself this way. Therefore, you have no reasons to pretend, adjust to me, play… it starts to be pointless and stupid.

The only thing you can do in this case is just be happy right here and now regardless of the circumstances you are in. Relax, enjoy the process, and let yourself be who you are. That means act like you want, speak like you want, dress like you want, and as a result live like you want and get the life that you want. You’re already perfect. You’re already beautiful. You’re already forgiven. You’re already loved. Everything is already good each second of your life. Enjoy.