Carry out cleaning everywhere

sandro escobar

Carry out cleaning everywhere. Get rid of all unnecessary. Get rid of useless people who are constantly whining, complaining, and pick on you with empty talks. Get rid of the garbage: in the computer, in the phone, in the home, in the car. Get rid of any information that doesn’t make you rich, healthy, young and happy. Get rid of bad habits: complaints, resentments, condemnations, empty talks, doubts, complexes, excuses, rush, remembrance of the past, and as a result – compromises with yourself, dislike of yourself and hatred of the world. To get rid of all these things, first of all you need to see them, and you will see them only when you’ll honestly look at yourself from outside and confess what you are doing every minute of your life.

This cleaning will not lead you to the final point of solving any problems and will not give you some feeling of bliss and peace. This cleaning will push you to the new level of self-development, passing which, contacting and discovering another new and unknown, you’ll have to do this cleaning again and again: remove all unnecessary, abandon all unworked and inefficient, recognize your weakness, transform it into strength, overcome… and again move to a new level… and so indefinitely renew until you die. And you’ll die when you’ll want stability, tranquility, and will decide that the limit is reached and it’s time to stop.