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I love to travel, meet people and feel new emotions.

My name is Sandro. I was born in Russia 28th November 1986. I love to travel, enjoy my life and make people happy by my friendly company. But before that I had another very rich history and sated life.

I’ve visited many countries, learning the culture and customs of people around the world. I’m interested in world. I’m interested in people. I’m interested in life. I studied happiness professionally, trying to bring it to recipe. I lived in luxury and poverty, was a good man and a villain, a gentlemen and a bully, an athlete and an alcoholic, trying to understand a life and to find my place in it. But whoever I was, with whom I’ve ever communicate: policeman or thief, nun or prostitute, rich or poor, usually neither of them weren’t really a happy person. I set about trying to bring a universal recipe for everyone, but over time I’ve realized that happiness for everybody is their own personal. Someone wants to live on the coast, someone at the mountains, someone at the city, and someone at the village. There is neither bad nor good, neither dark nor light. All definitions and concepts are destroyed in the eyes of truth, your own truth, the only one real happiness of being yourself. Not faked, but real, and together we’re going to this difficult but achievable goal.

I live worldwide. I have friends almost in each big city around the world. That’s why I know how to organize good quality leisure and fix any issues. Moscow, Barcelona, Paris, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney, Denpasar, Singapore, Doha, Dubai and others. We may explore the city together by different manners. Walking, clubbing, going to famous historical places, relaxing in spa and do many many things that we would like to. Be sure about that we will find an entertainment to our liking and will discover rich, beautiful, and truly fundamental and unique culture of the city that we stay in. Look at the top of the page and check where I’m now. The service that I provide goes beyond usual views. It can’t be described in one word. I can say just if you want to find a good friend worldwide to have fun and do together whatever we like, relax and enjoy each other’s company – write to me and we’ll talk about any topics that you’re interesting in. Read this page further and you’ll discover a lot of fantastic things.


My secret skills. Secret, but easy.

Can’t say that I’m an expert of human happiness, and if someone tells you that, it will be a lie. But I have passed a long way and know how to fulfill your dreams. Look at these pics full of delight. If you want to experience these emotions, just ask for the appointment at any time you want.


Our main goal is just to enjoy each other’s company… and let the magic begin :)

Here are few of the million things that we could do together.


Visit epic places

Drink wine


See off sunsets

Meet the sunrises

Look into the eyes

Hold hands


Eat tasty food

Ride a bicycle

Ride a car of course

Take strolls along the seashore


Roughhouse a little

Do something that you never did

. . . and more, more and more . . .


Yes, you are not my clients. You are my friends.

Anastasia ‘39. London, UK.

Sandro, I want to tell you that it’s the space!!! Since our meeting I’ve started to have the other look for lots of things… I don’t know what happened, but you’ve rescued me from many stereotypes and complexes inside me … It’s so cool! This ease!!! Everything was really amazing … I love it all! I thought I could’n relax because I don’t know you, but you’re a real professional)))

Charlotte, ’46. New York, USA.

Sandro, you really took me a star from the sky) Again feel myself like a little girl! It’s unforgettable! I wanted to meet with a good and nice man just to relax in Paris in a good company, not wasting my time for silly searching of failed Knights. You gave me all everything that I wanted and even more! I’m delighted! Thank you for new wings)))

Laura ’28. Barcelona, Spain.

Sandro, do you even know how was I shy and afraid?))) But really wanted to…))) Oh my God, now I’m the happiest in the Universe!))

Jasmine, ’43. Brussels, Belgium.

It was one of my most exciting adventures) Thanks for letting make a row))) Myself I’ve never decided on this)

Sofia ’27. Paris, France.

You’re talking so nice))) Your voice … accent… OMG) Thank you for the best tour of my life, and the same unforgettable night!!!

Adalina ’36. Milan, Italy.

If not you I would definitely got lost in Moscow! All I knew was these hackneyed tourist routes around the Red Square. Thanks for showing new beautiful places I couldn’t even think about! Will never forget the sunset at the mountains) and a photoshoot on the roofs) You are divine! Hug you and look forward for new unforgettable meeting) :-***

Elena, ’35. Moscow, Russia.

If not you this business day might end with the funeral))) Coworkers course shocked by the fact that I have such a beautiful man))) Oh this jealousy))) You just saved me, honey!)

Grace, ’30. Melbourne, Australia.

I wish to thank you! I have new thoughts in my head. Want to change everything! All fell into its places by a mysterious way! Although you didn’t say nothing special, but for some reason now I know what to do! Impressive at all! And… I like it sooo… :)


Have some stereotypes on this matter? Pff … Don’t tell me :)

  • The best concierge service. I’m your best way to explore the city. Who will organize you comfortable and at the same time rich leisure, full of pleasant impressions? Who will create the best conditions for your holiday and resolve any issues? Who will show you the city from the best side to keep you satisfied and relaxed? Keep in touch because you don’t have other option except me.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Ordinary men may be hot, but too selfish. My task – fully satisfy you (within reason of course). I respect you and your time. Nobody “makes” each other’s head, roles are distributed and everyone knows what they want.
  • You don’t need to pretend. When you get bored with the ordinary man – you forced to pretend that all is well and waste your time for the sake of a dubious pleasure. I always take you who you are. My task – to reveal your natural beauty.
  • Traditional dating can be debilitating. Establishing new relationships takes time and efforts and it’s extremely exhausting. And all for what? If you want to be emotionally healthy, invest your time effectively, build thriving career and just be healthy physically and mentally – meeting with me would be the best solution.
  • Adventures for one night with the ordinary man is not always as beautiful as you would expect. I always know how to give you the maximum pleasure and make you happy.
  • Sometimes a woman just wants to have fun without any commitment and “making the brain”. Ordinary men can stick to you with courtship and promises that you don’t want to listen. With me such problems will never arise.
  • Guarantee of security and confidentiality. And this can not be expected from dubious strangers. I have no criminal record, no mental issues and no sexually transmitted diseases, no drug, no alcohol and other addictions. Relax on this matter. You will communicate with a proven clean person.


Sometimes I produce this sweet stuff.

Please, enjoy hours of quality sounds totally free!


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