For women who want to push their lives to the next level


I love to travel, meet people and feel new emotions.

My name is Sandro Escobar. I help women to push their lives to the next level just in few days using innovative care solutions that create optimal conditions for a complete life reboot and achieve the state of harmony with yourself and everything that you interact with. That means being happy, healthy, rich, young, beautiful, in love, live long and any time get everything that you want from life.

Last ten years I’ve been studying happiness professionally, trying to bring it to recipe. I experimented on myself: I traveled a lot, communicated with thousands of people from different parts of the world of different nationalities, cultures and religions, I lived in luxury and poverty, was a good man and a bad, I earned millions and lost everything, was in a high society and lived on the streets, trying to feel all possible colors of life, understand them, accept, use, and be able to give people an answer to the main question of their life: “Happiness. Instruction for use “.

In the process of these experiments was born the format of service that I represent on my website. It’s a joint travel to anywhere in the world and a personal coaching in the combat conditions of real life. I packed all my experience into a single product, in which I lead people along the path I went myself.

I refused the format of standard trainings, seminars and other common ways of counseling, because in my opinion regarding to modern reality, all these methods are ineffective, useless, sometimes ridiculous and even very dangerous for humans, lead to useless waste of money and huge disappointments.

I changed the approach and began to apply the experience of real actions in real life conditions, that is, immerse the client in real life circumstances, in which they simply have no choice but to make new decisions here and now, experience new feelings, take new actions, step outside the comfort zone, get a new real result, face the consequences of this result and all self decisions, namely don’t run away from reality, but dive headfist in it, feeling life each cell of your body.

My solutions work perfectly for every woman, regardless a level she stands, because even if you have reached the state of love and harmony, wealth and happiness, at some point you still will have to give it up to reach a new higher level, otherwise you will turn into a vegetable, stucking in a stable state, which doesn’t change relative to the changing world, that is, you will degrade, and over time plunge into a deeper depression and lose the interest of life.

Sign up right now for a free personal online session with me and find out how in just a few days become 10 years younger, completely reboot your life, make an incredible breakthrough in your career and gain true female happiness just sipping Mojito on the beach.


Conversation that will change your entire life


… in personal consulting services with more than 1000 women from Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, I know exactly that my solutions perfectly work for:


Business women

Who have no one to trust, make a heart-to-heart talk and it’s necessary to keep 100% confidentiality.


Who want to disconnect from the work routine, reboot, get new feelings and with a fresh head back to business.


Who want to find their own woman’s happiness, don’t know how to do that and are already tired of this state.


Who want to defeat complexes, become more self-confident and open.


Who don’t have anyone to trip with. Who want reliability, safety and a quality company.


Who want to recover from a psychological trauma, get out of a rough patch, return the meaning of life and fill it with new colours.

Adventure lovers

And fans of new discoveries to diversify life and conquer new limits of the possible and the impossible.


Who want to establish a life, restore psychological health, and build a new happy family in the future.

Sex disorders

Women who want to get rid of all sex problems forever, discover new possibilities of body and push their sex life to the new level.

. . .  and for all who just want to have a good time, hang out, do something that never did before and learn new facets of their abilities.


Our main goal is just to enjoy each other’s company… and let the magic begin :)

Here are few of the million things that we could do together.


Visit epic places

Drink wine


See off sunsets

Meet the sunrises

Look into the eyes

Hold hands


Eat tasty food

Ride a bicycle

Ride a car of course

Take strolls along the seashore


Roughhouse a little

Do something that you never did

. . . and more, more and more . . .


… that you will get during and after our adventure.

It’s a complete transformation of your reality in the conditions of real life, real actions, real decisions, and their consequences.

Psychological discharge. Ease in the head. Glitter in the eyes. Breakthrough in career / business. Increase in income. Getting rid of complexes. Improving the quality of sexual life. Ease of the soul. Getting rid of the blocks that limited life / feelings / success / level / money / happiness / realization. More vivid orgasms.

Rise at work / New orders / Business expansion. Love of yourself and acceptance of yourself as you are. Love of men and acceptance of them as they are. Normalization of social relations. Improving relations with parents / children / relatives. Body rejuvenation. Improved health. Gratitude for both the good and the bad. Marriage soon / Family recovery. Punctuality and timeliness. Opening the heart / soul / sensuality.

Discovering the new possibilities of the body. Development of determination and boldness. Getting rid of obsessive fears. Feeling yourself desired, sexy, beautiful. Expanding the volume and quality of your energy. Getting rid of the habit of condemning and complaining. Development of thinking through creation. Getting rid of thinking through negation. Opening new facets of pleasure. Responsibility for yourself and your life. Honesty with yourself.

The state of the unison with yourself and the surrounding world. Love to your body and every part of it. Meeting with your shortcomings, accepting them, loving them and transforming them into dignities. Opening of your life path / mission. Ability to fulfill any desires. The state “calmly and good” always and everywhere, wherever you are. Desire to act, exercise, achieve. Calm (real) love of life. The readiness and desire to live million years and derive pleasure, while having the readiness to die next second and derive pleasure as well. Emotional independence from opinions of other people and circumstances.

Getting a feeling that you are 10-20 years younger. Maximum implementation of you and your project as woman. Periods can begin for those who already don’t have them. In the next few months you will be able to conceive a child, even if the childbearing age has already passed. Some diseases, including genetic ones, may disappear. Normalisation of metabolism. Getting rid of excess weight. The desire to gossip and have empty conversations disappears. You begin to notice more beautiful around and engage in what the soul asks (in spite of public opinion and other limiting factors).


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Real feedback from real people

Anastasia ‘39. London, UK.

Sandro, I want to tell you that it’s the space!!! Since our meeting I’ve started to have the other look for lots of things… I don’t know what happened, but you’ve rescued me from many stereotypes and complexes inside me … It’s so cool! This ease… Everything fell into place… Not everything for me was so easy to pass… But I’m grateful to you that you were near, understanding everything that was happening. Thank you again.

Charlotte, ’46. New York, USA.

Sandro, you really took me a star from the sky) Again feel myself like a little girl! It’s unforgettable! I wanted to meet with a good and nice man just to relax in Paris in a good company, but you gave me all everything that I wanted and even more! I’m delighted! Thank you for new wings)))

Laura ’28. Barcelona, Spain.

Sandro, do you even know how was I shy and afraid?))) OMG! But really wanted to…))) I’m very pleased with the result. Everything that happened turned my life completely! Although … You know, I was on the edge. I thought I couldn’t manage it)

Jasmine, ’43. Brussels, Belgium.

It was one of my most exciting adventures) Thanks for letting me row))) Myself I’ve never decided on this)

Sofia ’27. Paris, France.

You’re talking so nice))) Your voice … accent… OMG) Thank you for the best tour of my life, new thoughts, new possibilities, new wings … and a new me.

Adalina ’36. Milan, Italy.

If not you I would definitely got lost in Moscow! All I knew was these hackneyed tourist routes around the Red Square. Thanks for showing new beautiful places I couldn’t even think about! Will never forget the sunset at the mountains) and a photoshoot on the roofs) You are divine! Hug you and look forward for new unforgettable meeting) :-***

Elena, ’35. Moscow, Russia.

If not you this business day might end with the funeral))) Coworkers course shocked by the fact that I have such a beautiful man))) Oh this jealousy))) You just saved me, honey!)

Grace, ’30. Melbourne, Australia.

I wish to thank you! I have new thoughts in my head. Want to change everything! All fell into its places by a mysterious way! Although you didn’t say and make nothing special, but for some reason now I know all there is to know! This way… This life… I was blind, and now I see. Thanks… :)


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